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Timeless Structures provide a service that no one else can currently offer in the UK.

Since our founding in 2014, we’ve been at the forefront of all the latest products and techniques, offering a wide range of services to handle our clients’ needs. From intensive project management to maintenance, we do it all for the most competitive rates on the market. 

Do you have MVHR (Mechanical Heat Ventilation Unit) that’s looks similar to this in your home?

Do you have damp, condensation or even mould in your home?


Then you need to have your MVHR serviced as per the manufacturers requirements.



What we offer

MVHR Maintenance 

  • Annual MVHR Service Contracts 

  • Only company in the UK to offer MVHR servicing

  • Trained and highly skilled technicians

Call today to discuss further


  • Homeowner

  • Landlords

  • Councils

  • Housing associations


Book a free assessment today by calling our office of emailing us.

Cleaning a Rain Gutter

Our Proposition 

If you do have a MVHR unit and you have noticed that lately the damp is getting worse, then it will most likely be caused from the MVHR unit not being serviced, manufacturers highly recommend these are serviced every 6 to 12 months, otherwise they get clogged up and burn out.


  • This will result in the damp getting worse with mould setting in and to fix this, you will require a brand-new unit which when fitted will cost circa £2000! And to service this on an annual basis, this will cost a small fraction of this price.

  • No matter what the make or model, we can service your MVHR unit and make sure it’s running to its full potential, we have highly trained and skilled staff who have a passion on making your home a better place.

  • We also provide gutter cleaning and gutter replacement service, which can be purchased as a package price to save further cost along with the servicing of the MVHR unit.

  • Damaged or worn guttering is the no1 cause for damp and mould in your home, book a free assessment today buy calling our office of emailing us.

What do our clients experience thats different?

We have a strong returning customer base and the reasons for this is:

  • We have fired our belly to provide nothing but the best product and service.

  • We love complex projects as we always find a simple solution.

  • A senior member of the team is on call 24/7 with any questions you may have.

Most of all we care about your business as much as we do ours!

But rather than just taking our word, why not visit a live project or receive a reference from a previous client!

Book a Free Assessment Today 

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